2013 Participant Class


Jan Donner - Student at the Hochschule für Musik Theater und Medien
Bruce Faske - Student at the University of Alabama
Richard Harris - New York City Freelancer
Burt Mason - Principal Trombone of the Chamber Orchestra of New York
John Romero - Student at Baylor University
John Shanks - Student at the University of Alabama


Ilan Morgenstern - San Antonio Symphony
Jeremy Morrow - New World Symphony

2013 Fellow Class


David Binder - Finnish National Opera Orchestra
Joseph Brown - Western Illinois University
Jeremy Buckler - United States Navy Band
Ben Carrasquillo - Student at the University of Alabama
Kelvin Chan - Hong Kong Sinfonietta
Chao-Chun Cheng - Student at Indiana University
Katie DeAmico - Student at Northwestern University
Jonathan Houghtling - Student at DePaul University
Stephanie Lebens - Student at Indiana University
Matthew Luhn - Student at New England Conservatory
Mike Miragliotta - Freelancer
Christian Paarup - Student at Baylor University
Donny Pinson - Del Mar College
Jonathan Randazzo - North Carolina Symphony


Alan Carr - Student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
Russ Zokaites - Student at ArtEZ Conservatory, the Netherlands

2011 Participants

Bruce Faske
- Student at the University of Alabama
Kirk Ferguson - Principal Trombone of the Spokane Symphony
Burt Mason - Principal Trombone of the Chamber Orchestra of New York
Maciej Pietraszko - Second Trombone of the New York City Opera
Sam Schlosser - Second Trombone of the Milwaukee Symphony
Eyvind Sommerfelt - Co-Principal Trombone of the Orquesta Sinfonica de Galcia

Chris Davis - Pittsburgh Symphony Training Program for African American Musicians
Andy Rozsa - Student at McGill University

2011 Fellows

Jim Albrecht - Second Trombone with the Memphis Symphony
Matt Crozier - Student at Indiana University
Dan De Vere - Student at Northwestern University
Adam Johnson - Second Trombone of the Fort Wayne Philharmonic
Mark Holley - Student at the University of North Texas
Kelton Koch - Student at Northwestern University
Mike Miragliotta - Student at Indiana University
Cory Mixdorf - Professor at Georgia State University
Izumi Nakanishi - Tokyo Area Freelancer
Wes Lebo - Greenville, SC Area Freelancer
John Shanks - Student at the University of Alabama
Alexis Smith - Student at the Manhattan School of Music

Jeff Koonce
- Professor at UAB/Samford - Mobile Symphony
Heather Miller - Student at Indiana University
Dan Sebastian - DC/Baltimore Area Freelancer
Craig Watson - Student at Yale Univeristy

2009 Participants

Mark Davidson (San Antonio Symphony)
Nathan Dishman (Professor at the University of Virginia)
Keith Dyrda (Student at McGill University)
Kirk Ferguson (Spokane Symphony)
Preston Hardage (President’s Own US Marine Band)
Jose Milton Vieira Leite Filho (Porto Alegre Symphony)

Daniel Brady (US Marine Band)
Casey Thomas (Graduate Student at the University of Iowa)

2009 Fellows

Darren Acosta (Rhode Island Philharmonic)
Michael Charbel (Student at Northwestern University)
Logan Chopyk (Graduate Student at Northwestern University)
Justin Cook (Student at the University of North Texas)
Alex Glen (Student at the University of Texas)
Burt Mason (Chamber Orchestra of New York)
Ben Osborne (Austin Symphony)
Nate Rensink (Student at McGill University)
Kyle Samuelson (Wisconsin Area Freelancer)
Nick Shine (Graduate Student at Northwestern University)
Michael Underwood (Arkansas Symphony)
Dan Watt (Graduate Student at Northwestern University)

Brian Hecht (Graduate Student at Northwestern University)
Rudi Hoehn (Student at California State University Sacramento)
John McGinness (Washington, DC Area Freelancer)
Kyle Mendiguchia (Graduate Student at the Juilliard School)

2007 Participants

Nicole Abissi - Student at The Juilliard School
Josh Bynum - Professor at Ouachita Baptist University
Paul Compton - Professor at Oklahoma State University
Nathan Dishman - DMA Student at UMKC
Brad Edwards - Professor at the University of South Carolina
Adam Johnson - Fort Wayne Philharmonic (IN)
Steve Lange - St. Louis Symphony
Ben Perrier - Solo/Chamber Musician - Yamaha Performing Artist
Miguel Rivera - Puerto Rico Symphony
Joseph Rodriguez - Student at The Juilliard School
Samuel Schlosser - Student at the San Francisco Conservatory
Weston Sprott - The Metropolitan Opera

Daniel Brady - Student at Southern Methodist University
Louis Bremer - Student at Baylor University
Jared Lantzy - Graduate Student at DePaul University
Casey Thomas - Student at the University of Iowa

2005 Participants

Sam Barlow - US Marine Band
Tim Dugan - US Marine Band
Luis Fred - Principal Trombone, Puerto Rico Symphony
Barry Hearn - US Army Band
Jon Lombardo - Principal Trombone, Buffalo Philharmonic
Jason Malloy - DMA Student, Arizona State University
Brent Phillips - Assistant Professor, Baylor University
Joseph Rodriquez - Civic Orchestra of Chicago
Kyle Samuelson - Freelance, Wisconsin
James Scott - Principal Trombone, Calgary Philharmonic
Jonathan Whitaker - Assistant Professor, Henderson State University
Brad Williams - Alumni, Juilliard School

Andrew Chapel - Norrkoping Symphony
Charles Reneau - The Juilliard School
J. Mark Thompson - Professor, Northwestern University (LA)
Harold VanSchaik - The Florida Orchestra


2003 Participants

Dave Begnoche
Tim Dugan
Preston Hardage
Richard Harris
Henry Henniger
Stephen Lange
Don Lucas
Craig Mulcahy
Izumi Nakanishi
Toby Oft
Amanda Stewart
Colin Williams
Nathan Zgonc

Stephen Dunkel
Andre Kharlamov
Charles Reneau
Harold VanSchaik

2001 Participants
Jeremy Van Hoy  
Miguel Rivera  
Olav Servereide  
Mike Zion  
Chris Brannigan  
Alex Tartaglia  
Rueben Prades  
Alex Iles  
Paul Pollard  
Harold Van Schaik  
Mathias Danglemaier  
Christian Ganicenco  
Colin Williams  
Brad Williams  
Jamie Williams

1999 Participants

Mahmoud Abu-Eid - The Juilliard School
Chris Anderson - Texas Tech University
Luis Angel Campos - Real Orquesta Sinfónica de Sevilla, Spain
James Decker - Honolulu Symphony
Brian Diehl - Freelance Performer, New England Area
Peter Ellefson - Seattle Symphony Orchestra
Don Immel - Tacoma Symphony, WA state
Arthur Jennings - University of Florida Professor
Andreas Klein - German Symphony Orchestra, Berlin
Antonello Mazzuoco - Rai Orchestra, Turin Italy
Izumi Nakanishi - Tokyo National University  
Ercole Nisini - Student of Abbie Conant's Trossingen, Ger.  
Miguel Rivera - Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra
Jemmie Robertson - US Air Force Band, Langley Virginia
Ward Stare - Winner ETW Solo Competition Winner
Daniel Vistam - Royal Music University of Stockholm Sweden

Dave Bobroff - Iceland Symphony Orchestra  
Frank Buenger - New England Conservatory
Harold Van Schaik - The Florida Orchestra
David Tall - New Mexico Symphony Orchestra

Reviews from Past Seminars

The seminar is a must for the serious trombonist. During the time there I felt I was able to address concerns aboutmy playing. The level of players which participated was very good. This made the whole experience enjoyable, particularly in the quartets and orchestral sections. Luis Fred

Wow! The Alessi Seminar was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Just being surrounded by the many trombonists whose level of musicianship and character is of the highest quality made me a better person and performer. I heard performances that were inspiring to say the least, I learned from the greatest craftsman of our trade, and I made friendships that I hope will last a lifetime. Joseph Rodriguez

The Alessi Seminar IV was the most outstanding professional development event I have ever attended. Each day we had the opportunity to hear extraordinary performances by participants and faculty alike. Because we were encouraged to record the events I came home with an incredible wealth of educational material. The recordings of Joseph Alessi's demonstrations and explanations during the master classes are invaluable treasures. In addition we received many handouts including warm-up materials created by Joseph Alessi and Peter Ellefson's warm-ups and excerpt listening guides. Overall the seminar was very inspiring and informative for me as a player and a teacher and I had a fantastic time. Eileen Meyer Russell

I learned so much! Both as pedagogue and as performer, Mr. Alessi holds nothing back. In addition to describing to students how to improve their performance, he has the chops to pick up his horn cold and produce a virtuosic demonstration toillustrate his point. The structure of this year's seminar allowed the participants time to practice and and absorb what they've learned. And getting to hear all the participants and Mr. Alessi play great trombone for a week and a half-- there's nothing else like this in the world. Charley Reneau

"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the "Alessi-bowl I "! It was a fabulous opportunity to see and hear first-hand the workings and musicianship of a first-class trombonist and musician. There was a collegial atmosphere among the participants, fostered by our master-teacher, Joe Alessi. Brian Diehl USA

How are you doing? Thank you for your email. This reminds of the beautiful experience at the seminar. I have nothing to complain about that, it was really helpful and joyful for my trombone and life experience, I hope it will happen again!! Ercole Nisini Italy

Hi Joe, I would like to say that this seminar has been one of the best musical experiences of my career. Working with you on an individual basis and being around so many good players from all around the world really increased my desire to work hard and improve as a musician. Miguel Rivera Puerto Rico

"The Alessi seminar was a first rate experience. I gained many insights into fundamentals and musicality, not only from Mr. Alessi's masterful instruction, but also from the many wonderful trombonists who participated in the seminar." Jemmie Robertson USA

The 1999 Alessi Seminar was a very enjoyable experience for me. I have never been in such a friendly, multicultural and active trombone event. I learned so many things, not just from Alessi himself, but from the other amazing trombone players who came over to attend this seminar. Luis Fanjul Spain

It's pure and simple, the seminar was superb in every way. The high level of the participants and Alessi's ultra-clear, "on-target" coaching and teaching made it an intensely productive and satisfying week. Joe's total involvement as organizer, coach/teacher, performer, concert producer, party host, chauffeur, and bellhop was simply amazing. I'm glad I was there - I'm a better player and teacher because of it. Art Jennings USA

I attended the Joe Alessi Seminar in 1999. It was unlike any other trombone seminar/workshop I have attended. The focus of the seminar was the trombone playing of the participants. This is quite a different experience from that of attending one of the International Trombone Festivals. All of the participants had two 30 minute "lessons" with Joe. All of the participants were generally present while each of us was working with Joe. There were also plenty of opportunities for questions, comments, suggestions, etc. from those who were listening. Most of the "guest artists" who performed during the week were the participants themselves. All-in-all it was quite worthwhile. David Bobroff Iceland

The Alessi Seminar was, to me, a seminar in the truest meaning of the word: A group of advanced students meeting with a master teacher to exchange ideas. The participants were all accomplished trombonists at various points in their careers. Joe, as were all the participants, is a lifelong student of the instrument and its music. The environment of working intensively with other professionals, the exchange of ideas and energy, were inspiring to me. Joe is an excellent coach and organizer as well as an inspiring player. We all learned from each other, and I came away energized and with enough things to work on to last me for years. I highly recommend this intensive week of studying, playing, and living with the trombone! Dave Tall Bass Trombonist, New Mexico Symphony